The project

The ambition of the Polytronics project is to integrate the network of European EDIHs (European Digital Innovation Hubs): an EDIH is a group of players whose vocation is to constitute a one-stop shop, physical or virtual, aimed at connecting companies in their territories the means and ecosystems they need to succeed in their digital transformation.

The idea of the Polytronics Hub is to allow companies with a digital transformation project to benefit from a complete and grouped service offer, through Polytronics partners.

The aim of Polytronics is to support polymer materials companies (plastics, textiles, composites and rubbers) in their digital transformation through artificial intelligence (AI).

These improvements will involve two areas of innovation:

Product innovation

Design and development of innovative polymer products, more intelligent, thanks to new functionalities, with printed electronics for example

Process innovation 

Using AI to improve manufacturing processes, to have a better management of energy and resources, but also to increase product quality and reduce the rate of defaults.

POLYTRONICS targets companies in the following sectors: