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  • European projects


      Digital platforms for cross-sector business in the circular economy.

      The DigiPrime research project aims to develop a new concept of digital platform for the circular economy, which should make it possible to overcome the current information asymmetry between the actors of the value chain. Based on the recovery and reuse of high value-added product functions and materials, supported by data, new cross-industry business models are to be created.

    • AI-REGIO

      Regions and Digital Innovation Hubs alliance for AI-driven digital transformation of European Manufacturing SMEs

      36 partners from 8 European countries kicked off the EU-funded AI REGIO project with an online meeting with more than sixty participants in October 2020. The partners are on a mission to help European SMEs on the path of AI-driven digitization while further integrating the pan-European network of regional Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH).

  • Other edih

    • EDIH4Manu

      EDIH4MANU is a bottom-up, informal, cross-regional, multi-country collaborative network of 23 EDIH candidates and 25 regions from 14 countries sharing a smart manufacturing specialisation.

      EDIH4Manu networks more than 60 universities and R&I centers, 25 business associations and technology clusters and 3 EIT nodes (manufacturing, digital, raw materials). EDIH4Manu regions encompass the core elements of EU manufacturing industry: 40% of EU manufacturing value added, 25% of EU manufacturing companies and 30% of employees. However, the network is in the initiation phase and will be open to other EDIHs from other regions during the expansion phase allowing to improve and extend the complementary set of services and expertise for the customers of the EDIHs.

      The mission of the EDIH4Manu network is to drive the digital and sustainable transformation of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the EU through a bouquet of complementary, interoperable and composable services.