Research and Technical Organisation



      Life sciences and medical research- Engineering sciences and computer science- Physics Chemistry and earth sciences- Human and social sciences.

      The university affirms its desire to open up to the social and economic world with the signing of collaboration charters with large industrial or service groups, professional unions, competitiveness clusters, with in particular access to training throughout life.


      Centre-Val de Loire

      The University of Orléans (UO) is a French multidisciplinary university founded in 1306. Established in the Centre-Val de Loire region, its teaching and research structures are present in its various branches located in Orléans, Bourges, Chartres, Châteauroux, Issoudun, Blois and Tours.

    • INSA


      Within INSA, the plastronics activity is divided between 2 sites: the plastronics platform of the AMPERE laboratory and the means related to plastics processing of the IMP laboratory. Specific actions concern the development of manufacturing processes, including to better respect the environment.

    • ENSAIT

      Hauts de France

      Gemtex, ENSAIT’s internal laboratory, is one of the largest scientific research centers in Europe in the fields of engineering and textile materials. Gemtex is a multidisciplinary laboratory where research is carried out both in the fields of computer science, electronics and automation, but also in the fields of materials, mechanics and chemistry.

    • ESIREM

      Bourgogne Franche Comté

      ESIREM (School of Engineering in Digital and Materials) is an internal public school of the University of Burgundy, within the meaning of article L 713.9 of the Education Code. It was founded in 1991 and is accredited until 2022 to issue three engineering degrees

    • IFTH

      Couverture Nationale

      IFTH is a center of expertise and innovation, from the acquisition of knowledge to its transformation into know-how, up to the transfer of skills and technologies. For this, IFTH provides a unique set of experts and equipment, covering all trades ranging from raw materials to the marketing of products.


      Centre Val de Loire

      The CRESITT Industrie (Orléans, Center Val de Loire) is a technological resource center (CRT, label of the Ministry of Research) created in 1996 and which currently has 7 people, including 5 engineers or doctors in electronics. Thanks to its Research & Technologies laboratory and its electromagnetic measurement platform, we support you in your electronic development projects and accompany you in your technological innovation projects on two themes: communicating electronic systems and instrumentation.

    • FEMTO-ST

      Bourgogne Franche Comté

      The specificity of FEMTO-ST is to associate Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST) with Engineering Sciences (SPI). Its thematic field covers indeed optics, acoustics, micro-nanosciences and systems, time-frequency, automation, computer science, mechatronics, at the same time as mechanics and materials, energetics and electrical engineering.

    • IPC

      Couverture Nationale

      IPC is the Industrial Technical Center whose expertise is dedicated to plastic and composite innovation in France.